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That was pretty fucking ninja

Are you picking a fight? I'd like to see you try

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ღ spooky.angel ღ
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I like

new zealand, sunsets, storms, coffee, falling in love, the wind, the night, walking barefoot, koalas, blueberry muffins, hot chocolate, when it’s raining like hell, airplane food, love stories, laughing, TV, cinema, strange teaspoons, all kind of music, steam trains, watching the stars, airports, daydreaming, lemon cheesecake from the caffé concerto in picadilly circus, falling in love again...

I dislike

mosquitos, cockroach, liars, when it's too frelling hot, clothes for dogs, alarm clocks, when it's too silent, intolerant people, octopuses (i can barely look at them !), forgetting to put baking powder in a cake, clowns

My TV obsessions

not really into TV lately, dont have time. last shows i've fallen for ?
Suits is a great one, i'm looking forward for the next season ♥ (and i love the Harvey/Mike relationship !)
and Community makes me laugh, most of the time, as well as Cougar Town ;)
also waiting for the next season of The Walking Dead !

also i love Game of thrones, Covert Affairs, Castle, Justified, Deadwood, The Walking Dead, SPN, True Blood, Generation Kill, Merlin, BSG, Band of Brothers, Life, Chuck, The West Wing, The Office, Moonlight, XFiles, Farscape, Firefly, Eureka, Fringe, 24, Rome, Lie to me, Scrubs, CSI, CM, Leverage, GA, SG1, Brothers & Sisters, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Spartacus...

My favourite ship/slash/pairing

steve rogers/tony stark, thor/loki, hawekeye/black widow, harvey/mike, jules/grayson, peter/olivia, carter/allison, annie/auggie, audrey/nathan, castle/beckett, john/aeryn, richard/kahlan, godric/eric, tony/michelle, mulder/scully, audrey/nathan, dean/sam, brad/nate, house/cuddy, house/wilson, josh/donna, CJ/danny, adama/roslin, mick/beth, bill/karen, morgan/garcia, pullo/vorenus, merlin/arthur, mal/inara, jim/pam, mckay/himself, daniel/vala, sam/jack, JD/cox, homer/donut, rygel/food


Chris Evans ♥, Timothy Olyphant, Jeff Bridges, Alexander Skarsgård, Gerard Butler, Robert Downey Jr, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Jean Reno, Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Mark Ruffalo, Ryan Gosling, Clive Owen, Denzel Washington, Louis DeFunes, Morgan Freeman, Daniel Day Lewis, Sean Connery, George Clooney, Hugo Weaving, Hugh Laurie...


the avengers, captain america, thor, iron man 1 & 2, 28 days later, 300, atonement, avatar, dear frankie, gattaca, goodfellas, hairspray, how to train your dragon, kiss kiss bang bang, le fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain, léon, little women, LOTR, mr & mrs smith, nikita, pride & prejudice, ps i love you, schindler's list, stardust, star strek, ten inch hero, terminator salvation, the african queen, the blind side, the godfather, the notebook, true grit, wolverine : xmen origins...


wuthering heights ♥, jane austen, jane eyre, fred vargas, harlan coben, the hunger games, the host, a midsummer night's dream, much ado about nothing, harry potter, julie garwood's scottish romances (what ? no i'm not ashamed :p ), dan brown...


kassav, tabou combo, carimi, ben harper, jack johnson, brian mcknight, al green, sam cooke, luther vandross, the temptations, patrice, john mayer, ray charles, tété, abd al malik, ayo, joshua radin, damien rice, rhcp, ac/dc, james morrison, wax taylor, otis redding, bonga, orchestra baobab, marvin gaye, aretha franklin, michael jackson, taj mahal, ousanousava, bb king, antonin dvorak, nina simone, louis amstrong, bob dylan...

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24, 300, adama/roslin, aeryn sun, al green, al pacino, alexander skarsgård, annie/auggie, auckland, audrey/nathan, auggie anderson, avatar, avengers assemble, band of brothers, battlestar galactica, ben harper, bill/karen, brad "iceman" colbert, brad/nate, brothers & sisters, bsg, captain america, castiel, castle, castle/beckett, charlie crews, chris evans, chuck, covert affairs, criminal minds, csi, damian lewis, dana scully, daniel/vala, dean winchester, dean/sam, eric northman, eric/godric, eureka, farscape, firefly, fox mulder, game of thrones, generation kill, gerard butler, godric, godric/eric, haven, house, house md, house/cuddy, house/wilson, jeff bridges, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jim/pam, john crichton, john winchester, john/aeryn, josh/donna, joshua radin, justified, legend of the seeker, leverage, lie to me, liev schreiber, life, luther vandross, mal/inara, marcus wright, merlin, merlin/arthur, michael jackson, mick/beth, moonlight, morgan/garcia, mulder/scully, new zealand, pride and prejudice, pullo/vorenus, pushing daisies, raylan givens, richard/kahlan, robert de niro, robert downey jr, rome, sam cooke, sam worthington, sam/jack, scrubs, star trek, starbuck/apollo, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stock, suits, supernatural, ten inch hero, terminator, terminator salvation, the avengers, the brown kiwi, the office, the simpsons, the walking dead, the west wing, the x-files, thor, timothy olyphant, true blood, tv shows, warehouse 13, x-files, zachary levi, zouk

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